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Frequently asked questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

What is a guest post

Here is the question and its answer that we get to hear from several customers: what is a guest post? We are sure that you are familiar with the word guest! Yes, we all are! A guest post is an article that is posted on another website or blog and the guest post writer is a guest on that website. It is different from the article that you submit on your website and that is known simply as a post. A white-hat link is amended in the guest post that drives traffic to your website. Guest posts are very useful marketing tools where your brand’s or website name is mentioned on reputable blogs. When you find a blog and write your guest post there you are then a guest author. Writing a guest post is not a big deal but making it viral is really a big deal. That is where Linksoptimize comes in and viral guest posts.

How do Guest Posts help my website or business?

So we are sure by now you have extensive research and you what is guest posting therefore we don’t repeat that for you. Guest posting is the easiest and efficient way to get top-notch and white-hat links that help you ranking your website in search engines and driving more traffic to your website.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that link derive traffic from other web sources to your website. They are also regarded as inbound links or incoming links. These links are of paramount importance when it comes to SEO and is used as ranking signals for your website. Backlinks indicate the reliability of your website.

What is SEO?

SEO is simply the process of optimizing a website to enhance its visibility in search engine results pages. It is a crucial part of a digital marketing strategy for brands and businesses. It enhances the quality and quantity of your traffic and exposes your business to a wide audience. SEO drives organic and unpaid audience and traffic to your website with clicks.

Why is SEO important?

The days of traditional marketing are a part of the past stories. Today, most businesses all businesses have adopted digital marketing strategies for the growth of their businesses and to compete with their competitors in the market. SEO is a crucial part of Digital Marketing strategies that drives unpaid traffic to your website. It offers strong visibility to your website and exposes your businesses to a wide audience globally. Without a rich SEO and effective SEO strategies, your website will never be discovered and exposed to new visitors and hence your business stops growing more. More visibility leads to more traffic and thus contributes to more potential customers and more potential revenue.

What is Our Guest Post Marketplace?

As the name suggests our Guest Post Market Place offers you manual access to a wide marketplace to approach the best guest posting sites. As a potential and active player in the market, we have displayed a wide range of guest posting sites on our marketplace. Just click and get matched with the best fit for your personalized guest posting needs.

If I write my content on my own how may add that?

Don’t worry our process is simple. We don’t believe in making things complex for you. If you are a great writer, we respect you and provide you an opportunity to upload your content. Go to the content section at our platform, select purchasing option from the market place and then you will have an option to add your content from the library.

What are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-Tail keywords are particular keywords that include 3, 4, words or even more words. Because these keyword queries are longer than the general keywords and or specific they offer lesser competition and lower search volume contributing to rank your website rapidly. For instance, guest posting is a wide and competitive query to make it specific it could be used as “Guest Posting Site” or even longer “Best Guest Posting Sites”. This offers an opportunity to specify the keyword queries for your particular website, business, or services.

Why are Long-Tail Keywords Important?

Long-Tail Keywords are used when someone is very close to the purchasing process. At first, they may appear not efficient as the phrases or single-word keywords, yet with a piece of sound knowledge that how to use them make them more effective. You should consider using Long-Tail keywords because it provides a high conversion rate a lower search volume.

High Conversion Traffic:

Long-tail keywords provide a high conversion rate and can drive more traffic to your website and that ultimately drives you potential customers and guarantee continuous business growth. This is because long-tail keywords help your business communicate better with the customers than single-word keywords, grab their interest and engage them with your website.

Lower Search Volume:

Since long-tail keywords are of a more specific nature they lower the search volume for your website. They are generally not regarded as of too much importance but they could be more productive than single words or phrasal queries to accommodate your SEO needs.

Less Competition

The specific nature of Long-Tail keywords lesser the competition for your website since they are customized for your website only and hence contribute to more visibility on search engines.

What is our Guest Post Campaign?

Guest Post Service Campaign is a free and automated guest post campaign service. We made the searching process a lot easier for you. You don’t need to search manually about the guest posting opportunities that suit your needs. Through this service, we offer you an opportunity to get connected with the guest posting sites automatically. Go to the filters, enter your preferences and our powerful filters showcase a wide range of potential guest postings opportunities to your website on the basis of your capital and your entered preferences.

As an SEO agency, Can I use Linksoptimize for my clients?

Yes of course you can! We understand your relations with your clients and you can use our SEO services for them as well. Guest Posting creates backlinks and drives more traffic to your clients increasing their business opportunities. In fact that in return increases yours as well. We offer visual analytics that will help your potential clients to monitor their growth continuously.

Do you give any money-back guarantee if my post does not go live or posted in the wrong way?

Yes, we care about your capital. You don’t have to pay for something that goes wrong or does not serve your needs properly. You can claim your money back within the 6 months from the post creation if that does not go live or is not what you asked for. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Should I write my posts myself, or a seller will do that for me?

We are flexible in that case. Both the potions are viable. If you are a great writer we appreciate you writing your content and provide your content. We have also a range of professional and knowledgeable content writers with diverse skills to choose one or more of them as your content provider. Click at the “Add content writing service" option, connect yourself with a scalable content provider, get your content and post it.

What is keyword research? And, why is keyword research important?

Keywords search is exploring the particular key terms that users enter on different search engines looking for services that relate to your niche. Keyword research is extremely crucial for lead generations that allow you to use similar keywords for your website to make it more visible to consumers. The keywords that are less competitive, researched frequently by the consumers, and offer low search volume are the best ones. These kinds of keywords provide a high conversion rate and hence are beneficial for SEO strategies.

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